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March 13th, 2010 Update

March 13, 2010

Cindy and I live every day in confidence that God has healed her.

But here’s the thing: The only way we will know whether God did heal her is if she and I live together as husband and wife for another 30 years or so.

What I mean by that is – we live in full understanding that the type of triple negative breast cancer that has metastasized to her brain, lungs and lymph nodes is an extremely aggressive cancer. And what may seem like a momentary victory can come sweeping in all over again like a mighty storm.

That’s what happened last week. I mentioned in my previous update that the one remaining brain lesion had not improved…bummer. What I didn’t tell you, primarily because we didn’t know the details, is that the one stubborn tumor has now been joined by about tw0 dozen additional lesions. They’re tiny, but they emerged within the span of one month! So either the earlier scan didn’t spot them or they are growing at a rapid rate.

We have spent much of this week trying to determine our next steps. So…that’s prayer need numero uno. We need God’s wisdom in choosing how we respond to this news.

Our first decision is that Cindy will undergo a Gamma-knife procedure this Tuesday morning. This is a very targeted radiological procedure that can be every effective in treating such lesions. Exactly how many we will be able to target is unknown until the procedure is underway.

Prayer need #2: Pray that God protects Cindy’s good brain cells and that the Gamma obliterates every last bad cell.

We are also trying to determine our next steps with regard to the systemic treatment {lungs and lymph nodes}. Chemo doesn’t successfully break through the blood-brain barrier, so we need a strategy for those areas as well.

The problem is, the chemo was so hard on her that she lost a great deal of weight with no significant improvement in her pain levels that would justify putting her through another round.

Prayer need next: Pray for God’s wisdom for what we should do now. We are investigating alternative approaches, including a naturopathic oncologist and other similar techniques. No decisions have been made at this point, so please pray for us to use all wisdom as we make such crucial decisions.

As difficult as it is to live with the daily awareness of our own temporariness, there is a sweet place that makes our love for Christ more vital and our dependence on Him more precious. We know that Cindy’s life is in His hands {Psalm 31:15}. We also know that if God has chosen to heal her, then every decision we make will have His favor.

So we are not in panic mode; we are trusting. And we are learning that our plans are just that…plans. But God’s plans are certain.

The stress caught up with me this week. I got strep throat, plus had the very dreaded colonoscopy {screening, just cause I’m really, really old}. So if you could throw up a pray for me to have my strength restored, I would really appreciate that.

Many of you ask how you can help us. We know that you want to help and we could certainly use the help, so our dear friend, Gin Fagan, has volunteered to serve as a coordinator for some of the needs we have. Our needs are wide-ranging, so if you are interested in finding out how you can help, call or email Gin {623,295.8243 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it }

Thank you for your faithful support to our entire family during this time. You are like precious gems to all of us.

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