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March 5th, 2010 Update

March 5th, 2010

With Many A Winding Turn...

I was a high school freshman when The Hollies released it, but I’ve been humming it the last hour or so as though it just hit the charts. The line that keeps looping in my brain is this line: “The road is long, with many a winding turn.”

That’s how Cindy’s journey feels…both long and winding. With a couple of switchback turns that still have our heads spinning.

One turn, a welcome turn, is that her nausea has improved. It’s not gone, but it’s much better than the first two weeks following chemo.

A more disappointing turn, however, is that her pain hasn’t. We thought it would. Even our oncologist said that he had expected her pain would lessen – and that the welcome relief would be a sign that this new protocol was working.

It is still early, admittedly, but so far…? Not the kind of improvement we had hoped we could report.

Another surprising turn was that her neurosurgeon scheduled her follow-up brain MRI. It’s been five weeks since our initial report {remember how excited we were to tell you that all the spots but one were either stable or resolved but one? And that “one” seemed to be necrotic {dying}?} So we couldn’t wait to get a new set of pictures taken.

Except…when the doctor called yesterday afternoon {Friday}, the news wasn’t what we had been hoping to hear. That “one” lesion still hasn’t gone away. There are other concerns, but until we meet with our doctors, we don’t know much more than that.

Another turn. It’s amazing, but we had been so fully concentrating on her chemo treatments that we nearly forgot about the brain…how can that be?

Which is why we now turn to you.

Because we really need you to turn to the Lord…on Cindy’s behalf.

How can you pray for her?

• Pray that God turns His face toward her…and gives her peace. {Numbers 6:26}

• Pray that she and I remain strong and courageous, and that we do NOT turn aside to the right or to the left. {Joshua 1:7}

• Pray that the Lord will turn back this story, in a dramatic, miraculous and stunning deliverance. {Psalms 6:4} Pray that He will turn His ear to us and hear our prayer. {Psalm 17:6}

• Pray that He will turn her desert [nausea] into pools of water, and her parched ground [pain] into springs. Pray also that He will turn the darkness into light before us and make all these rough places smooth. {Isaiah 41:18, 42:16}

• Pray that He will turn His ear to us and come quickly to our rescue. For He alone is our rock of refuge and our strong fortress. {Psalm 31:2}

We don’t know what other turns lie ahead. But He does. And yet this one thing we will say: Our lives are in His hands — and from His hands we will never turn — for it’s only there that we find peace.


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