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The Cross

Exactly HOW did God save us?

Well, before I tell you, lemme assure you that I understand that some of you are about to check out on me.  But I’m okay with that.  Cuz that’s the same reaction Paul got when he taught about the cross.  He said,

“[I understand! Maybe] the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, BUT!  To us who are being saved?  [The cross] is the power of God.”[1]

Why is that?  And why are the reviews on the cross so mixed?  Because most unbelievers approach the cross analytically.  They hear that God zipped into a suit of flesh in the person of Jesus and lived a perfect, spotless, and blameless life.  He never did any sin.  But then somebody nailed Him to a tree…and assassinates Him anyway. 

And then, we tell them that Jesus’ death is the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel?  And we say “good,” cuz even though He never did sin, God made Him to be sin so that you and I could get off the cul-de-sac! 

And the unbeliever goes, “I’m sorry!  I just can’t connect those dots!  It doesn’t make sense to me.”  So he rejects the message of the cross as “foolish.”


By contrast, the believer approaches the cross experientially.  To Him, the cross is real…cuz He has seen the reality of the cross with His own eyes and has witnessed inside his own skin its transforming power. 

So even though he may not be able to explain the cross in terms that could convince anybody else that it really IS true?  He believes, cuz he has powerfully experienced it.

That’s pretty much my problem today.  How Christ is willing to exchange your hostile mind and your evil deeds and your straying heart for HIS eternal reconciliation…?  Sorry, it just doesn’t add up! 


And it doesn’t add up because the cross cannot be explained; it has to be experienced.  You can’t so much describe the cross…as much as the cross just needs demonstrated.  And you can’t really see the power of the cross until you first believe in the person of the cross.

But it’s not just the cross!

I don’t understand electricity, either.  But when I wanna charge my cell phone?  I plug in!  Cuz there will be no power unless I place my plug into those two slots! 

I don’t understand how Google works, either.  But when I need some piece of useless information, I type my question inside that box and hit “return” in complete trust that Google is gonna deliver according to my need!

And I don’t understand how a brown cow can eat green grass and make white milk, either.  But I drink a glass of 2% every night.  And I drink it, can I get a witness?  By faith. 

[1] I Corinthians 1:18

This is an exerpt from "God's Strategic Plans for Aliens". For more, please visit thecrossroadsaz.com

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