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Un-slumping Yourself

Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.

Truth is, it can’t be done. 

You should know that.  You’ve spent untold amounts of time, energy and money trying to un-slump yourself.  Counselors, therapists— they too have pitched in to help.  You’ve done group therapy and support groups, all kinds of seminars and nutrition packets and exercise programs all in a feverished attempt to get un-slumped.  

But it hasn’t worked. 

And it won’t work. 

Because un-slumping is God’s work.  In fact, it’s His specialty.  So if you’re slumped right now…?  The recipe is quite simple:

• Acknowledge that Jesus, and Jesus alone, is your source of power. 

• Affirm that He is compassionately moved to meet you at the point of your need.

        • And then, humbly Accept His help. 

And if you need it even simpler than that, try this:  “I can’t, God can.  I think I’ll let him.”

Your world will only get darker if you refuse to seek Him.  In fact, the more you’re willing to embrace being lost, the faster you can get un-lost.  And that’s when the fun begins.  Cuz that’s when you get show everybody that you’ve told them all along…is true. 
This is an exerpt from Breakthrough Series. For more information, visit thecrossroadsaz.com

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