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This past Saturday, many of our family and friends participated in the local Race for the Cure in Evansville, IN.  Although I was unable to attend personally, my heart was in Hoosierland throughout the entire day.

Isn’t technology a blessing?  Especially to a family separated by so many miles – yet intimately joined together at the heart.  Technology made the day more bearable for me.

Race day began with several texts – some pictures, plus well-wishes — then there was the phone calls reporting in.  Plus a surprise Facetime call with my two granddaughters {my favorite!}.  Then off to Facebook for various posts with pictures.  All sorts of amazingly pink-ish pictures.

Cindy would be so pleased.

Pleased that her family rallied in support for research to find a solution to this ravaging disease.

Pleased that we all pulled a real Team Cindy effort to make it a moment of celebration and not just sadness.

Pleased that the t-shirts we wore {all of us in AZ were also draped in pink} bore the words that had so marked her courageous journey.

Pleased that those she impacted rallied together in love.

Pleased that we walked {and wait} with hope.

Here’s a picture of Cindy at last year’s Race in Anthem.  Her incredible smile protected us from the difficult day she was having.  Then again, it always did.

If you have a second, you might enjoy this entry from my daughter Andrea’s amazing blog. She is a gifted writer and another among so many who continue to deeply treasure God’s gift to us in Cindy.

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