Earp Takes Aim | Faith, Culture, Life

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About Steve Wyatt

Steve WyattMy name is Steve Wyatt and I’m proud to have been named after the most famous gunslinger who ever lived— Marshall Wyatt Earp!

Actually, that’s not true.  But wouldn’t it be cool if it were?

Here’s what is true:  I am a follower of Jesus Christ who’s been through stuff.  I am also a blessed husband to Clarissa, and a proud father [and grandfather] to a growing posse of amazing people.  I’m also a pastor, and an author of several books, including Stuck in a Small World and Trading Places.

I tend to see life in a quirky kinda way.  Even more, I’m passionate about sharing my take on stuff via stories.  And I especially like it when I’m shooting from the hip.
Bottom line, here’s why I blog: Like you, I’m targeting a life that’s way more than just O.K.

Best known for his gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ, a fierce battle lasting all of thirty seconds, my inverse namesake, Marshall Wyatt Earp, was a handsome man {another trait we share}, soft-spoken {not so much}, with nerves of cold blue steel and a heart stoked by fiery passion {I can only wish}.

Not long after that infamous shoot-out, Wyatt formed a heroic posse of trustworthy men who refused to be intimidated by the atrocities that had been committed against them.  Together they launched a crusade, famously captured in the movie Tombstone, and took aim at the vicious lawlessness of their day in what they dubbed, Wyatt’s Vendetta Ride.

Having emerged from some life-altering events of my own, I’m launching a crusade of my own.  It’s not a vendetta, mind you, but it clearly is a crusade.  Not that crusades are anything new for me.  But what IS new is that instead of ready, fire, and then aim— which was my former gun-slinging style— I’m learning how to aim first…then fire.

My infamous forerunner said it better than I can, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

So that’s what this blog is all about.  I’m corralling my inner-Earp in response to stuff I see as modern “outlaws” that are robbing our culture of her potential greatness.  But instead of mounting a trusty steed, I’m gonna use an Apple {a favorite among horses, I hear}, because I hope to build a posse of equally passionate cohorts who will join me in “targeting something more than just O.K.”

Through this blog, I’m gonna be aiming at several targets— including religion, celebrity, politics— you know, all the usual suspects.

I’m not picking a fight, mind you, just taking aim at stuff that interests me {and concerns me}.  But more than just shoot from the hip, I like to corral a topic…and, having surrounded it in wisdom and thoughtful reflection, only then do I plan to take fire.  

Why the change

Not long after my late wife Cindy went to see Jesus, I discovered an inner strength I never knew before.  At first, I was shocked by my resolve, but soon realized that God was dramatically healing me precisely because He wanted to use my loss— and THE defining experience of my life— to make me a better man.  To help me live a better life.  And to help others do the same.   

I remember telling my friends, “Don’t mess with a man who’s lost his wife.”  What I meant was this:  A new strength was rising up in me, one that transcends anything I have ever known before.

What’s the ultimate direction this renewed strength will take?  I have no clue.  But I’m along for the ride…anyway.

Perhaps you’d like to join me.  And target, with me, a life that’s WAY more than just O.K.! earp_sig