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Some friends and I have been creating a new way for everyone who has been following our story to stay connected. We are still tweaking stuff, the “look” is still very much under construction, but I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

Caring Bridge has been a wonderful resource for Cindy and me. This site {along with Facebook} has enabled those who love us to stay informed and prayer-armed in real time. But now I believe it’s time to release the bandwidth we’ve been so gratefully using to other deserving people who also need support and love and prayer.

For that reason, I am launching a web site that will permanently house the writings Cindy and I began several months ago – www.stevewyatt.net. All of our previous posts have been moved to this site with many new ones still to come.

As you know, I have struggled with whether to continue these, at times, gut-wrenching writings. But I believe that Cindy’s legacy of faith demands that I stay the course. So, with her example as my compass, I will continue to write this blog with the same honesty and transparency my bride displayed. And it will continue to be a raw, unfiltered journal of Steve and Cindy’s journey toward faith — a journey Cindy has successfully completed but one Steve is still struggling to make.

As time passes, and life brings additional opportunities and obstacles, my blog – aptly named Confessions of a Faith Wimp - will expand to a larger scope of topics — but my raw and unfiltered take will remain.

In order to give everybody enough time to migrate to www.stevewyatt.net, I will continue to post on Caring Bridge for a short while, but here’s how you can make sure you remain connected to Wimp:

•  You can receive updates to your email via The Roadster, a weekly resource published by The Crossroads. You can subscribe by clicking here: www.thecrossroadsaz.com. Through this site, you can also access audio files of my most recent teachings – another resource you may enjoy.

You can also follow along by subscribing to the RSS feed {Don’t let that scare you! It only means Really Simple Syndication”} and it’s a really cool and easy way to stay in touch. When you subscribe, you can choose to receive these Wimp posts via email or through a blog reader. Click on the orange RSS link on my blog.

You can also follow and subscribe to updates through my NOTES tab on Facebook by clicking on this link.


If you’re really hip, track me via Twitter: www.twitter.com/stevewyatt

In case you’re wondering why I’m writing with such transparency – it’s because writing is how I heal. And I’m posting them for you for this reason: God sent me and my bride on this exquisitely awful journey — and He did it to give us a platform to reflect His glory. I don’t know why He has now asked me to walk this painful path alone – or why my life of impact has been far too interrupted by loss. But I do know this: This painful trek has greatly expanded my perspective, deepened my compassion and yeh, increased my wimpish faith.

I also believe that God intends to powerful use me – primarily because He has chosen to painfully hurt me. I don’t like pain, but I am choosing, by a very tentative faith, to embrace it.

To be completely transparent, I have no clue where God will take me next. I can’t see everything I wish I could see, but by faith — I hope for it.

If you decide to come along for the ride? Just know that you will get a raw and unfiltered view of what real faith looks like. A path often cluttered by debris and frequently marked by mind-bending twists and disappointing turns. But here’s the thing: Maybe, if I walk it well? And if you see something in me that makes you want to walk it, too? Maybe together – we can move beyond our wimpishness.

Not someday. But…now.

Not at another time or for some other person in some different circumstance. But living by warrior faith…now.

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