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February 10th, 2010 Update

February 10th, 2010

Cindy has been experiencing an increasing and chronic pain in her low back and abdomen for nearly three weeks.  Yesterday {2.09} the pain had increased to such intolerable levels that we went to the ER at St. Joseph’s hospital.

Our team of doctors scheduled a series of scans, including an MRI of her lumbar, a chest CT scan and a CT scan of the pelvic region.  Our wonderful medical oncologist, Dr. Albert Wendt met with us this morning to review the results. 
Unfortunately, his news was not as encouraging as we had hoped and prayed it would be.  In spite of two rounds of chemo and two rounds of radiation, the two spots in her lungs have grown to 8 or 9.  She has a spot on her spine, plus the lymph nodes in her inner abdomen are necrotic, but active cells are distributed outside those nodes.

Dr. Wendt has presented us with our treatment options and Cindy and I [plus our entire family] is praying and seeking God’s wisdom for what steps we should take from this point forward.

We are confident that Cindy’s life is in God’s hands.  We made it our goal when this journey began to live in such a way that the truths we have preached and believed for years would be displayed through us even in a circumstance as grave as this appears to be.  We both believe that if all we have is Christ, Christ is enough.  We both believe that today’s groaning is not worth comparing with the glory that we will one day receive. 
We believe, but we are still groaning.  And we are spending these next precious hours deciding next steps but also loving our family and each other.  We understand that many of you will want to contact us directly, and we would love that connect as much as you, but for now we are gently asking that you respect our need to be quiet and surrounded by our dear family.

I promise you that Cindy’s CaringBridge site (www.caringbridge.org/visitcindywyatt) or the church’s website (www.thecrossroadsaz.com) will be your most efficient way to receive ongoing updates – and I will post information as we receive it and are able to process it.  Our deepest request is that you pray for Cindy, for our decision, for God’s healing, for peace in the midst of this storm.

We love you all…and we are trusting Him.

Steve and Cindy


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