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“What I Did On My Summer Vacation,” by Steve Wyatt.

  • I spoke a warm hello to my first grandson, and a bittersweet goodbye to my little sister.
  • Sadly, my house got robbed.  Thankfully, the good-hands people at Allstate replaced my stolen clubs with a brand new set of Pings.  Unfortunately, they haven’t helped my game.
  • In July, I took a road trip back to the Midwest with Drew, and managed to cover 4362 long miles over the course of ten short days.
  • In August, I sold my aforementioned house— and I’m still homeless.  Well, not really, but I am still living [for the most part] outta boxes.
  • On the fun side, I got to spend nine glorious days on Oahu with my best friend.  And, oh yeah, I also married her.

After nearly 18 months of flying “solo” again, I found myself strongly disagreeing with God.  A reaction that didn’t impact Him nearly as it impacted me. 

So what did me and God bicker about?


Really, Pat?

As a husband who served as the primary caregiver for his spouse during her battle with metastatic breast cancer— a battle that ultimately claimed her life— I think I have probably earned the right to at least comment on the latest Pat Robertson flap. 

For the seven of you who haven’t heard, Robertson has said something so stunning, so at odds with God’s Word and our Savior’s heart— I had to confirm it twice before I was convinced he wasn’t just being misquoted or, maybe, misunderstood.



A woman bought a canary she affectionately named, Chirpy.  Chirpy was a wonderful pet; he brought glorious song and beauty into her home.  But one sad morning, Chirpy’s owner made a series of very tragic mistakes.

MISTAKE #1 happened while she was while vacuuming.  It seemed a good idea at the time.  “After all, the bottom of Chirpy’s cage is dirty.  I’m here– the vacuum is on— I’ll just clean his cage out!”


Who are you mad at?

“Do not lie to each other…[cuz] you have taken off that old self.”[6]  But even more, because Jesus was “full of…truth.”[7]  And if it really is God’s goal for us that we become more and more like Jesus, then we gotta “put off falsehood…[put on] the truth.”[8]

Another item we gotta put off, that was a part of the list we saw last week is  “anger.”  Now this isn’t a blanket prohibition against ever being angry.  I mean, even Jesus got angry.[1]


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