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On Hold

As I prayed about and searched for the hopeful message God might want me to remind you about this holiday season, my mind kept drifting back to the phrase of an old R&B song, first recorded by Sam and Dave WAY back in the mid-1960s.  Remember this tune?  

Don't you ever, feel sad,

Lean on Me, when times are bad;

When the day comes, and you’re in doubt,

In a river of trouble, and about to drown.

Hold on, cuz I’m coming

Hold on, I’m coming! 

Now for those who might question my piety for having such a depraved brain that it would even think about using a secular song to drive home a spiritual truth…?  Lemme show you something:

“Hold on, cuz I’m coming” is actually a cover for one of the last things Jesus said in one of the last chapters of the last book in the Bible.  See it?

“I am coming soon.  [So] Hold on…”[1]

If there ever was a time when the majority of the people I love could really use a message like that message— it’s this time.  Cuz after four years of economic recession and financial hardship, and after losing our homes and our jobs, and after living daily with constant fear and a foreboding dread for what tomorrow might also bring— HOLDIN’ ON kinda feels like what we’ve already been doing, doesn’t it?




“Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything.”[1]

See, the skeptic takes one look at that phrase and they go, “See that?  THE BIBLE CONDONES SLAVERY!  So how can you possibly trust the Bible when the Bible sanctions such an awful thing as slavery?  And hypocritical?  Are you kidding me?  You’re telling me that the same book that says that men shouldn’t “have sexual relations with [another] man [and that to do that is] detestable,”[2] but then you scoot ahead a couple of pages the same Bible is saying,  ‘you may buy slaves!’[3]  Dude, how can you trust a Bible that sanctions slavery? 




Today we’re gonna tackle a very demanding topic— and because of that, it’s a hugely distorted topic— and because of that, it’s commonly dodged topic— especially in the context of a typical Sunday worship service.

In fact, dealing with today’s theme is SO challenging, I gotta confess:  I’ve ducked it myself for over 30 years…but I’m not duckin’ it anymore.  See, I promised God when I started this church, I was never gonna skip the hard verses…not ever again.



So ladies, what does it look like when you love your husband by SUBMITTING to him? 

Well, let’s start by explaining what that blasted “S” word doesn’t mean.  Okay?

  • “Submit” doesn’t mean that the wife is inferior and that Bubbles-the-Chimp sitting beside you is superior. 
  • Neither does it mean that the wife is hubby’s emotional doormat. 
  • And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with who does what when it comes to household chores.
  • “Submit” is not about obedience nor worth nor intelligence. 
  • Neither does it mean that a wife must never confront her husband’s bad behavior and can only have an opinion if he gives it to her.

No…”submit” simply means that she lovingly RESPECTS her husband by deferring to his leadership for the health and harmony of their relationship.  That’s the essence of submission.

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